How To Make A Faux Druzy Pendant

DIY Druzy jewelry necklace


Hello! Welcome to my super easy tutorial on how to make your own druzy pendants. Ok so they may not be actual druzy stone but they really look like the real thing. 

This is a list of materials you will need to make these:

  1. A bezel. It can be anything that has a bottom and some kind of walls around it. It can be a pendant, a ring bezel, anything. For this tutorial I am using these tiny bezels I found at Hobby Lobby.
  2. Pieces of glass or broken beads or quartz or anything that can be smashed into smaller pieces with a hammer. I am also thinking that you can use that glass glitter that they have in craft stores. For this I used a few pieces of an antique glass insulator a fellow artist donated to me.
  3. Super Glue. I have tried many different kinds of glue, like modge podge or a two part resin The best thing I've found for this project is super glue. Who would've thought! But it really moves well and flows in between the pieces of glass and is completely transparent. 
  4. Glitter. I like to add a little touch of glitter just because it gives the piece an extra shimmer. Choose a color that compliments your glass.
  5. Hammer.
  6. Alcohol Ink (Not pictured) This is optional because depending on the color glass and the color of the bezel you're using you may need a little extra pop of color.

Step 1: Hammer Away!

Hammer that glass into smaller pieces, the smaller the better. I placed the glass pieces in a ziplock bag and then I put that ziplock bag into another ziplock bag. The glass will puncture the plastic bags, so I wrapped that in a kitchen towel. 


Step 2. Add Some Glitter

Once you have the pieces hammered to your desired size, add some glitter to bag and shake


Step 3. Glue Glass To Bezel

Start adding the glass to your bezel. Work in layers, a little glue, a little glass. Be careful because the glass will be really sharp!

Once you are done adding the glass you can add some extra glitter. When you are happy with how it looks, add another drop of super glue for good measure.

Once it's dry, file the sharp edges of your finished piece.

And you are done! What did I tell you? Super easy!!

Your pendant is ready! You can add a jump ring and a chain and its ready to wear.


 Let me know how your pieces turn out!

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