Quartz Crystal Earrings DIY

crystal DIY earrings jewelry quartz

These earrings are so pretty and really easy to make! Here is what you need:


1. Antique copper chain

2. Antique copper head pins (although only 2 are pictured, I used 4)

3. Florentine Gold Liquid Leaf and brush to apply

4. Raw Quartz Crystals, side drilled (6)

5. Jewelry tools






Paint the liquid leaf to the top part of your quartz. (I found out you need to wash the brush right away or it will get ruined!) Let dry



Once they are dried, slip three quartz on each eye pin wire, cut the excess and make a loop at the end 



Cut 3 inches of chain for each earring. With the pliers open the loop on each end to slip the chain in



Use a ring mandrel or something circular to shape two eye pins into ear wires



With the jewelry tool, open the loop on the ear wire and slip a link of the chain, you may need to try a few times to get it exactly in the middle so it looks level.


And you are done! 

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  • Rosa (Muro Jewelry) on

    Hi Rose, thank you for your comment. These earrings are not heavy at all. The quartz are small and light weight. You can make them lighter by only adding two crystals or shortening the chain. And I love your idea of making a pendant too!

  • Rose :: Fine Craft Guild.com on

    How heavy are these? I am curious. They look fantastic but I am thinking with the three pieces the weight might be more appropriate for a pendant? Or did you find real mini ones? Please share!

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