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Hello and Welcome! I'm Rosa, a multi-talented artist, jeweler, and architect based in Huntersville, NC. My husband Ruben and I, along with our skilled production team, specialize in creating unique, 3D wearable art pieces using wood, eco-resin, and metals. Our passion lies in pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques and materials to create truly distinctive works of art.

Each of our creations begins with the careful selection of raw materials, mostly recycled, which we then meticulously transform through soldering metals, sealing wood, and pouring resin. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and attention to detail, as we shape, sand, and finish each piece by hand in our Huntersville studio. Our ultimate goal is to connect with people with our unconventional use of materials and innovative techniques.

Questions? Comments? Please contact me at rosa@murojewelry.com

For Wholesale and Press inquiries please contact ruben@murojewelry.com