Ethical Practices

What makes my wood and resin pieces one of a kind? Let’s start by talking about the wood! 
The pieces I create are as unique as the wood that I use. Preserving the wood in resin and cutting into the blocks expose lines and patterns that can't be reproduced. The texture and organic quality of this material is what ultimately dictates the shape and size of the pendant,  I only use sustainably sourced woods from local woodworkers’ cutoffs.
Rescuing these beautiful pieces that are discarded from furniture making and other uses, as well as the impact my work has in the environment, is one of my primary concerns.


In addition to using only reclaimed wood in our jewelry, we source our precious metals only from companies that are committed to sourcing recycled gold and silver whenever feasible. Recycled precious metals are pre-owned or reclaimed metals that have gone through a refining process, making them function and appear as good as newly mined metal. These sustainable practices help maintain a minimal impact on the environment, isn't involved with conflict, and gives back to workers by way of fair wages and safe working environments. At the Muro Jewelry studio we are careful to collect any scraps of metal that can be reused in other pieces. And, if the pieces are too small to use, we pack them and send them to the same shop we buy our metals from to be recycled again. As a small business, we’re in a unique position to offer a line of fine, handmade jewelry created with materials from trustworthy sources and hope that this, in a small way, can help make a difference in protecting the world we all share.