Mossy Resin and Brass Circular Post Earrings

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Handmade from eco-friendly resin and jeweler’s brass, these beautiful earrings provide a beautiful accent to your look.

A signature mix of varying tones of green, white, and blue resin and silver sparkles is hand-poured into each piece, making these earrings to have a simple yet sophisticated look. The earrings posts are made with surgical steel and the circular bezels are made with jeweler’s brass.

Each earring measures 0.375 inches high by 0.375 inches across.

Every piece is handmade by me. Since resin does not set the exact same way every time it is poured, please allow for slight variations in color from the picture shown. I believe that this adds to the uniqueness of the piece, allowing each pair of earrings to be completely different from another.